It is in a privileged location facing Nagasaki Harbor. Enjoy a mild air from the morning and enjoy jogging and a walk with the dog, spend a thoughtful time at lunch and a cafe during the day and enjoy a delicious meal with Japanese, Western, and medium, while the night view is over. There are many such people. It is also used by many tourists as a hub of sightseeing spots scattered in Nagasaki.

Street address
Dejima Town 1-1 Nagasaki-shi Nagasaki

Approximately 2 minutes on foot from Dejima Terminal (Akasaka ~ Shokakujishita)
About 5 minutes on foot from Shiminbyouinmae (Ishibashi ~ Hotarujyaya)
About 4 minutes on foot from Tsukimachi Terminal (Akasaka ~ Shokakujishita, Ishibashi ~ Hotarujyaya)

About 4 minutes on foot from the Nagasaki bus “Ohhato”
About 3 minutes on foot from Nagasaki prefectural bus “Kenthouramonmae”

About 15 minutes on foot from Nagasaki Station, about 5 minutes by car

Affiliated parking lot
Currently, the prefecture-managed Dejima parking lot can not be used due to construction.
Please use the prefecture-managed regular parking lot (north side, south side) instead.
(The prefecture-managed Dejima parking lot will be available from January 2018.)
Please pass the parking ticket at the time of checkout. We will discount 100 yen per hour (up to 3 hours).

Although it is not affiliated parking lot,
There is a parking lot at the waterside forest park (cheap, even without discount), Ringer Hut, Mizubenomori park lot nearby.

 Prefecture-run regular parking lot (north side)

Nearby attractions

<Dejima · Well-being business site ruins>
About 5 minutes on foot

<Ohoura Cathedral, Glover Garden, Holland Slope>
Get off at Tadashiji Temple “Denjima” Get off at “Tsuchimachi” and get off at “Tsukiji”, get off at “Ishibashi” and get off at “The Great St. Crown Church”

<Battleship Island>
People who are operating a warship island tour from Nagasaki Port are shipping ships.
※ Because the platform is different at each, please be sure to confirm.

Battleship Island Concierge
Yamasa Shipping Co., Ltd.
Battleship Island landing cruise
Battleship Island Tour
Takashima maritime traffic

“Churches in Nagasaki and Christian related heritage” registered in the World Heritage Provisional List.The port of Nagasaki and Shimogoto and Kami-goshima are connected by a high-speed ferry and ferry.

Please see the night view of Nagasaki which is certified as the world’s new three major night view from Inasama. It will arrive in about 15 minutes by car.If you use Nagasaki Ropeway, please head to Nagasaki Ropeway “Ropeway Fuchs Shrine Station” in about 10 minutes by car.